Therapist Horses – My journey with horses



Therapist Horses – My journey with horses

The earliest evidence on the domestication of horses dates from 4,000 B.C. and for centuries equines have been our faithful partners in warfare, in travel an in agriculture. We can safely declare that they helped us build the modern world. Nowadays, they were replaced by the engines of our vehicles and the only arena where they can shine is the equestrian world.

But what if equines had much more to give us in a little-known area? In the world of therapies, of personal development and of connection between species. Every-one that has had contact with horses claims to have been changed by the contact. However, no one can explain exactly how this happened.

In this book, Nathalie Durel tells us, through her life journey with her horses, jow equines can become powerful guides to our transformation. This work takes us into an extraordinary journey throughout the equine world, starting at the beginning of time all the way up to today, explaining with a holistic vision every type of existing therapeutic intervention by these wondrous beings.

It also stresses the debt our civilization has in regard to equines and the importance of changing our way of handling them that should be respectful to their true essence.


Nathalie Durel


Number of pages: 248

Format: 160 X 235 mm

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